Rivers Edge can digitize your signature, logo or graphics into a font for Windows, Macintosh, Unix, HP PCL & more

Since 1990 Rivers Edge has been the premier digitizing service for quality, turnaround and competitive pricing. Send us your signatures, logos or graphics and we will convert them into professional quality fonts. We offer a variety of formats that are compatible with almost any system/printer.


Logo & Signature Digitizing Details

What does it cost? How long does it take?
Here's our pricing:
Image Type Cost/Turnaround
Signature $75
2-5 Days
Logo $125
2-5 Days
Next Day Rush Service - add $50 per item
Same Day Rush Service - add $75 per item
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Why do I need a digitized font?
A digitized font provides a convenient, cost effective, high quality way of printing frequently used images such as signatures, logos and graphics on letterhead, direct mail, envelopes, checks, forms, labels, id cards or any document. Print the image at any size and every time the image is printed it looks as good as the original.
How do signature/logo fonts work?
If you are familiar with using fonts in MS Word or other applications then you be pleased to know that signature fonts & logo fonts word exactly the same way. The fonts are installed and used just like regular fonts. When you select a digitized font instead of seeing letters you'll see the images in the font. You can change the size and position just like a regular font.
Digitized fonts save time & money
By using a digitized font to print your logo/signature you can avoid buying preprinted paper, checks and forms. Print what you need when you need it.
Which font formats do you support?
This table shows the formats we provide:
System/Printer Font Format
Windows Truetype, Postscript & Opentype
Macintosh Truetype, Postscript & Opentype
Unix/Linux HP PCL [sfp], Postscript [pfa/pfb]
IBM VM to AFP Printer PSEG (Page Segment)
Xerox Centralized Printer Xerox FNT, Xerox LGO
How are the fonts delivered?
For the fastest service we deliver by email which also eliminates any shipping/handling fees.
How do I place an order? How do I pay?
We have tailored our service to make ordering easy for you and efficient for us so we can focus on producing high quality fonts in a timely manner at a great price.

Download our order form and then email it to us. We accept MC, Visa, Amex. We can accept almost any image format such as GIF, JPG, TIF, PCX, BMP, PDF, EPS, etc.
I have a scanner can I make fonts myself?
Sure, but unless you're a graphics professional with all the right tools it's unlikely you'll be able to produce a font that matches the quality of our work.
No one produces higher quality fonts than Rivers Edge - We Guarantee It!
We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality fonts available at any price. When printed our signature fonts look like real signatures unlike many other services whose fonts look like photocopies. Our logo fonts are designed to preserve and maintain the high quality of your logo. We carefully design each logo to match the same dimensions and details of the original.

In addition to producing a high quality image we also optimize the file to utilize minimal resources on your system and printer.
What about tech support?
We understand the font formats and the requirements to install and use our fonts. If you need help just send us an email.
Do you offer a Guarantee?
Absolutely! Our goal is to meet your high expectations. If we can't satisfy your needs we'll gladly refund the amount you paid.